About Adrian Chesterman

Adrian Chesterman studied fine art at Norwich School of Art and illustration at the Royal College of Art in Kensington, London. Since leaving the R.C.A. Chesterman has worked in nearly every sphere of the art world.

As an illustrator he has worked for just about everyone, on just about everything, just about everywhere. ‘Jurassic Park’ publicity art for Stephen Spielberg in Los Angeles, stage-set art for ‘Sunset Boulevard’ for Andrew Lloyd-Weber in Frankfurt. Advertising commissions include ‘Coca Cola’ in Atlanta, ‘Southern Sun hotels’ in Capetown and videogame illustrations for ‘Nintendo’ in Chicago. Designs and visualisations for original theme parks in the United Arab Emirates and China, 'Spiderman' games for MGA in Los Angeles and over the last ten years the aero engine division of Rolls Royce in London has commissioned him to illustrate nearly 50 spreads for ‘Flight’ magazine.

Recent projects include creating the gigantic artwork for the biggest jigsaw puzzle in the world commissioned by Educa Boras in Barcelona. At an incredible 33,600 pieces and measuring 2 metres by 6 metres it features a Jungle scene brimming with detail. Also a series of covers for the ‘Armchair Reader’ paperback series published by Publications International in Illinois and all 21 covers for the ‘Famous Five’, the Enid Blighton classic series. Saatchi & Saatchi’s in Sidney has just commissioned a series of Toyota Landcruiser illustrations for the 2015 Sidney motor show and Seaworld in the US has just commissioned a poster for their new ‘Turtle World’ themed water park in San Diego.
Chesterman has also illustrated book covers for Jackie Collins, Jack Higgins and Dick Francis, numerous children's books on dinosaurs and an illustrated children's encyclopedia. He has illustrated countless music album covers including 'Bomber' for Motorhead, 'The meaning of Life' for the Monty Python team and 'The Road to Hell' for Chris Rea. He has also llustrated an animated music video for ‘Baby’s coming back’ for the Eurythmics and even built and painted a real skull and crossbones shaped guitar for new romantic band ‘Adam and the Ants’.

Portraiture is another one of Chesterman's artistic directions. Previous Commissionees include Prince Adan Czartoryski-Bourbon, the cousin of King Juan Carlos of Spain, Mikael Baryshnikov the ballet dancer, A certain captain in the Welsh Guards, a few Hollywood actors, innumerable children, cats, dogs and a horse called George. Oh... and a nude portrait of 'Wolf', the T.V. 'gladiator', that somehow ended up on page 5 of a national daily newspaper, but the less said about that, the better!  
Chesterman had his first exhibition of paintings at Liberty's in Regent Street while still at the Royal College of Art, progressing to exhibitions in the Pompidou centre in Paris and Gallerie Schémes in Lille, France, the International Contemporary Art Fair at Olympia, Spinks, Kensington Town Hall and the BBC centre in London, the Batey gallery in Singapore, the Madison gallery in Los Angeles and numerous in Spain. He has appeared on The Riverside Show, 01 for London, Artrage and other Arts programmes in the U.K. as well as T.V. appearances in Spain.

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